Ebony & Ivory Bookstore

By Kate

I’m going to be honest with you, when I found Ebony and Ivory, a used English bookstore,  I almost cried. One of the greatest challenges about living in Korea is the lack of access to English literature. I spent my first year reading whatever I could get my hands on, which included resorting to the school library and reading teen fiction. Times were tough.


Ebony and Ivory is in Cheonan (yay, no more travelling to Seoul), and is tucked away in the basement of a tall building.  When you push open the glass door and hear the tringaling-ling of the bell, it’s like stepping into a used bookstore anywhere else in the world.

It is quiet and cozy and has that unique book-smell. There are books stacked from floor to ceiling in every genre you can think of: fiction, non-fiction, psychology, fantasy, erotica, self-help, travel etc. The used books prices between W4,000-W6,000 each, while the newer ones are a bit more expensive.


Directions: Turn right out of Shinsegae and walk straight passing McDonald’s on your right. Cross the road and you will see the sign just after the Seven Eleven.



The owner, Eunhee Kwak, is amazing because she is so accommodating and helpful. If Ebony and Ivory don’t have the book you’re looking for, Eunhee will try find the cheapest copy at another store; and if she can’t find a used copy, she can order a new one for you.

Spine Poetry: The abortionist’s daughter, in cold blood paper towns.

I know that Cheonan is still really far away for some of you, what you could do is give the store a call and place an order with them, and have them post the books to you. (Buyer pays shipping fees obviously).


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