Off the couch and onto the yoga mat

POP Pilates: healthy body, healthy mind

By Div

I’ve always been pretty lucky when it’s come to my weight. Since I am naturally thin, there was never really any motivation to eat right or exercise. Why have a grilled chicken breast when I can eat deep-fried chicken legs and not gain a kilo??

All the naughtiness, pre-Hashimoto’s, of course

This attitude was quite problematic. It made me lazy and lethargic. And my self-esteem was low low LOW! I may have been slim, but I was wobbly too. I had absolutely no muscle tone. It made me very unhappy. I would stand in front of the mirror and scrutinise every flaw, and then spend ages crying. But did I get off my ass to make a change? Nope.

I was in my second year of living in Korea when my friend Kristine mentioned an online trainer, Cassey Ho, who taught a new kind of Pilates: POP Pilates. I was intrigued. Constantly being at war with my body was exhausting, and I knew it was time for a change in lifestyle as well as mindset.

The Blogilates Stretch Project

I went to the site and the rest, as they say, is history. Cassey is an incredibly motivating, bubbly, uplifting person. Her workouts are HARD, but so rewarding. I began following her Beginners Calendar, and for the first time in my life, I enjoyed exercise. I also began paying more attention to what I put into my body. I did not cut anything out completely. But I was no longer eating nonsense daily. I started to love fruit, veggies, seeds and nuts, and feel so much better when I eat them as opposed to the naughty stuff that I love.

1000 Squat Challenge

POP Pilates works every part of the body. I have had days where butt workouts have left me struggling to sit on the toilet, and where writing on the whiteboard was sore because of tired shoulders.

100 burpees later…

My change occurred roughly two years ago. I still have a problem with self-image. I still look in the mirror and find something to be sad about. I  sulk about my small boobs, boyish hips and scrawny legs. What is important, however, is that I sulk a lot less, and there are parts of my body that I now love.  It is hard to go from hating one’s body to loving it, but I know I am a work in progress.

You can get your burn on by clicking the links below:



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