Death by Social Media: The Ex-Vortex

By Kate


Online creeping.

So we have all done it- taken a peek at an ex’s social media account. While we know it’s a bad idea and absolutely know nothing good will come from it- we still do it.

As soon as we click on their name there is no going back, it’s like being in a trance; or like watching a horror movie. You helplessly shout at yourself, “For the love of god woman! Just stop! Turn around! Don’t look at anymore photos!”

But it’s all in vain, you know what’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do but sit back and watch the bloodbath unfold.



Death By Social Media: The Ex-Vortex

You are actually feeling pretty great; you resemble a normal human being. The constant ache in your chest has finally subsided, and for the first time in a long while, you feel yourself again.


2015-12-07 20-23 page #0

Then, you decide to check Facebook. At first, it’s fun. There is a cute video of a cow that makes you laugh.

Then you see something you shouldn’t have. Your ex has commented on a mutual friend’s status. Your stomach drops at the sight of his name, but it has also piqued your curiosity.

“I wonder what he’s been up to?” you think innocently.

You know you shouldn’t click on his name.

2015-12-07 20-19 page #2

But then again, what harm can it really do?

2015-12-07 20-19 page #1


2015-12-07 20-23 page #1


You have fallen into a creeping vortex.

So you do what any normal, healthy, functioning adult would do, you say f*ck it, and throw away any dignity you had left.

You find yourself on @supercute&annoying‘s profile and you are creeping her pictures/interests/star sign.

You didn’t think it could get worse.

You were wrong.

All at once you come to and regain your sanity.You’ve seen too much, and wish you could un-see everything. You want to go back to watching cute videos of cows.

But it’s too late. Your mind reels.

You feel like you want to die, or at the very least like a part of your soul has died.




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  1. Haha! great article Kate! LOVE your drawings too!!

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