Antics in Australia: What I got up to Down Under

By Div

Right after my gorgeous holiday in New Zealand at the beginning of last year, I journeyed to Australia to visit my uncle, who had just added an adorable little nunu to his family, and to explore.

I spent a week in Australia, and most of that time in Sydney. Here are a few snapshots of my time there 🙂

The sights, with a side of “lekker”

The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and beaches with crystal clear water…so much beauty!

The skull-addict heads to Sydney
The skull-addict heads to Sydney
I screamed like a banshee when I saw this bad boy for the first time.



A little South African-ness amongst everything :)
A little South African-ness amongst everything 🙂

The Beonam teachers reunion – A day out with EunYoung

During my first two years in Korea, I was extremely lucky to have awesome co-workers. One colleague, who became my great friend, was EunYoung An. From timid conversations to an awkward lunch-date in Jeonju to Korean speaking lessons to regular sleepovers, EunYoung became one of my favourite people.

She was attending a training workshop in Australia, so we made plans to meet. This was possibly the best day I had while in Sydney. A huge lunch, a catch-up and (really awful) manicures were just some of the activities of the afternoon.

Some serious posing going on…
Aaaand we're back
Aaaand we’re back


me and eunyoung

EunYoung is like a big sister to me, and I am so glad we got to share this day together!

The Blue Mountains

Having become accustomed to mountain scenery after living in Jangsu (a place that I will always call home), the city started to suffocate me after a while. I decided to book a tour of the Blue Mountains, a gorgeous area west of Sydney. Not only did I see some incredible natural beauty, but I got up close and personal with kangaroos and koala bears!

The Three Sisters
The Three Sisters
Vast and beautiful
Vast and beautiful
A big dorky grin
A big dorky grin with a stunning background
A rather terrifying track
A rather terrifying track


I made a friend!
I made a friend!
Sometimes, life just gets too bloody hard.
Sometimes, life just gets too bloody hard.

My week in Australia was a wonderful one. I got to meet a gorgeous baby, touch a sleepy koala bear and spend a day with a friend.

Do you have any travel stories that make you smile? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you 🙂 Or, you can message us on Facebook, tweet us your favourite moments on Twitter or tag us in a picture of some cool scenery on  Instagram!


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  1. OMG Div! Loved this post! I lived in Melbourne for 3 years and they were the happiest of my life. Sydney was incredible too, I shrieked when I saw the Opera House too! ♥


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