Book review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

By Div

Pic by: Div
Pic by: Div

It has been a while since a book wrapped itself around me. I have read some fantastic books this year, but not with this kind of fervour, of obsessed energy. When I took Gone Girl to school with me on Wednesday, I was on page 60. By 9pm that night, it was finished, leaving me dazed.

I think the best way for me to describe my feelings about this book is to say it pulls you in, like a rip current: viciously. Once I had started, really started, I couldn’t stop. My afternoon on Wednesday should have been spent planning lessons and my evening spent exercising. None of that happened, because I was all but drooling over this novel.

Gone Girl is a thriller, an intelligent, spiky thriller. It is about so many things: love, hate, lust, marriage, lies.  It centres around the Dunne couple, Nick and Amy. Nick comes home from his bar one day to find his wife missing, and the story is primarily about the search for Amy. Nick…hmm. He is the sort of character I loved to hate. He is slippery, lies a lot and apparently has a face that makes people want to punch him. That being said, I really enjoyed him. He is lovably annoying, because every flaw, every bad decision is so wonderfully human. I liked how all the characters were written, in fact. The descriptions were precise and short, but gave me enough to picture each character in detail, right down to their manicured fingernails.

Flynn’s ability to grab a reader, to make me not want to eat because it would waste valuable reading time, is such an incredible skill (and has led to major writer-envy). The story is fast-paced, and Flynn had me guessing with each page I turned. Each time I thought I had everything figured out, when I started feeling smug, she threw me another clue that crushed my theory.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Gone Girl swallowed me up sometime around noon a couple of days ago and spat me out later that night, mouth open, eyes wide, heart pounding and looking for someone to share my feelings with. It is a book that left me feeling a bit like how I felt after watching Inception. Disturbed. Unstable. Confused.

If you are looking for a story that takes you on a sick adventure, and makes you want more, this is the one for you.

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