Books, booze and bad hair days – here’s to 14 years of friendship


I remember clearly when we first met. Two awkward, odd, clumsy 11 year-olds who preferred the lure of fantasy to real life.

Remember when we would talk about the characters of Song Quest as though they were friends of ours? We would spend hours debating whether or not Kherron was a complete arse or actually kind of amazing.


Remember that time we got “drunk” off a shared Dom Pedro and lay on the Gateway floor? That may have been the most rebellious thing we ever did as teenagers.

Remember when we made up a contemporary dance routine to a Josh Groban playlist? Or rather, remember that time we flailed about in a very un-contemporary-dance-like fashion?pizap.com14392659986931

Remember when we used to eat lasagne at Checkers to save our money for Magnum ice creams and fruit chutney popcorn? Damn, that stuff was good.

Remember when we used to have heated debates about which one of us Daniel Radcliffe would fall in love with?

Remember how we would fight and make up in a matter of minutes? We never hesitated to forgive each other’s shortcomings.

Remember our terrible hair in primary school? My fringe stiffened with gel, and your bob. And let’s not even start on our fashion sense…at least things started looking up at the end of high school!

Remember when you came over and we got smashed and danced to Teenage Dirtbag?

Remember when I had my first kiss? And immediately ran out to tell you how weird it was?

We looked very elegant and poised...and then the wind came
We looked very elegant and poised…and then the wind came

I could keep going down memory lane: when it comes to you, that road is very long. 2015 marks the 14th year of our friendship, and damn, what a friendship it’s been! You became my sister after just a few months, and countless hours were spent making secret phone calls when I should have been doing my homework. You have been there through years of joy, pain, sorrow, laughter, tears, rage. Our friendship has withstood small distances and enormous ones, and I know you will be my friend for the rest of my days. I am so grateful for you and for all you have been to me.

Today, you become a mother, one of the scariest, most difficult, most rewarding jobs ever. I wish I could be there to welcome my nephew to the world! I can’t wait to meet him, and to tell him how lucky he is to have you to take care of him. I love you both dearly.


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