Dyeing your hair blonde in Phuket

Dyeing your hair blonde in Asia can be really, really, really risky. I have seen so many disasters walking the streets of both Korea and Thailand.

Fear not though, I have your back! I found a salon in Phuket that will keep your tresses beach blonde to match that gorgeous tan.


We have ALL been through a phase we would rather not repeat.


Kate’s Hair and Make-up Studio  in Surin does blonde beautifully!It costs about 2 500 baht for half a head, which includes drying and styling.

When I was there last, I overheard the owner and head stylist, Kate, on the phone. A customer had gone to Central Festival to get her hair done and they had monumentally messed it up.

Think orange, green frazzled broken hair.

Kate has a lot of sass and was telling off this customer for not coming to her in the first place. Needless to say, she managed to help the poor soul, but I bet it will take ages for her hair to recover from that.

So make sure you don’t make that same mistake, and if you do, expect a telling off before being helped.


My friend Jane and I both got our hair dyed blonde at Kate’s Hair and Make-up Studio, and we were both really happy with it. The picture on the right is what my hair looked like two months after getting it done. I was really happy that the colour hadn’t faded and it blended naturally with my own hair.



I am going to get my hair dyed next weekend in Seoul- cross fingers everything goes smoothly!

Have a beautiful weekend, and let me know how your hair turns out in the comments below, or send us a pic on Facebook.

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