Hold your breath, then jump

By Kate

 When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And I can’t do that.

Abel Morales

I have had one of those weeks.

The kind where Tuesday night comes ’round and you crawl into bed with hot chocolate and blind faith that it’s got to be Friday. Yes, I totally gave up on trying to be an adult.

I almost let fear guide a major decision in my life. Then I stopped and realized,

this  is  not   who  i  am.

It may hurt. It may not work out. It may break your heart. It may leave you broke.

but   you   have   got   to   do   it.

Travel. Fall in Love. Take Chances.





If something feels right,

Fight    for    it.

 Follow    it.

Each time we take a leap of faith. We are winning. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, we win because we are growing and

we are moving


Have you ever taken a chance despite being afraid? How did it work out? We would love to hear your story, so leave a comment below or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

 Love & light

– K


Div, thank you.


Featured image: pixabay

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