How we know we’ve found the right person to love

By Kate

  1. We are Best Friends and Lovers

    Landi G Photography
    Landi G Photography

We always have fun together. We are completely comfortable around each other and laughter comes easily. No matter what we do it’s always a million times more enjoyable doing it with them. Because nothing is ever really boring when we hanging out with one of our best friends.

We know we’ve found the right person to love when they are our best friend, and we are wildly attracted to them. They will always be the most stupidly handsome/beautiful person in the room. Every.Single.Time. We have a spark that ignites every time we look at each other and the chemistry is off the walls. Even when we don’t look our best; we have morning breath or are hot and sweaty they still think we are unreal.

2. We are Honest in Our Actions and Reactions

We trust each other implicitly.

We know that honesty is the foundation of our relationship. How we know we’ve found the right person to love is that no matter how hurtful or annoying the truth may be, we will always tell each other the truth. Not only that, we will also be honest in our reactions and won’t lash with fears or insecurities. We do not judge each other, and we do not blame. We take responsibility for our faults, and together we overcome any problems.

  1. We Communicate

Relationships can be tricky and require work, we know this, so we communicate. We express ourselves through our actions and words.

When we are upset we let the other person know, and they listen to us with undivided attention. When one of us feels angry or annoyed we explain how we feel rather than showing it. We don’t hold grudges, and once an issue has been resolved we let it go. We don’t keep anything as ammunition for future fights and we forgive easily.

We show each other how much we care in our own special way. We know that when they make us a cup of tea after a long day, it’s their way of saying, “I love you, I care about you.” We know how lucky we are to have each other, and we appreciate that every day.

  1. We Learn a Lot About Ourselves

Loving someone without any restraint leaves us vulnerable. But it is through our vulnerability that we learn most about ourselves. We learn what is important to us, and are surprised by how deeply we feel when we are let down. We learn what it means to love someone without any limitations or fears, and how it feels knowing that we are loved just as much in return. We learn what we need from a relationship, and we learn how to give someone what they need.

5. We See a Future Togethersunset-538288_1280

We see a future together. We can’t imagine them not being etched into new memories, not being apart of our stories. We may not know where we are going, but we know that they will always be there holding our hand by our side.









Header Image: Pixabay

2nd Image: Landi G Photography: Follow her on Instagram @organictales and like Facebook page: Landi G Photography

Bottom image: Pixabay


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