Jurassic World is one wild ride!

By Div

If you’re looking for a philosophical storyline, scientific accuracy and realistic events, Jurassic World is not for you. But if you want to see a movie that will show you a bloody good time, WATCH IT AND WATCH IT NOW!

I was ecstatic when I heard a new Jurassic movie would be released, having loved the franchise since I was little. To this day, every time I see the raptor claw from Jurassic Park, I get chills.

Adam and I drove over to the Megabox in Gongju to get our dinosaur fix. I was not disappointed. The visual effects were just spectacular, and it was really cool to see John Hammond’s dream finally come to life. I was immediately sucked into this mind-blowing world, where the stars of the show were larger than life in the most literal sense of the phrase.

I’ve read complaints online about how the dinosaurs are not represented accurately…and I find this silly. Jurassic World is a movie, not a documentary. The dinosaurs are shown as they were in the first movie, and I loved that. Had the cunning, terrifying velociraptor suddenly become small and feathered, I would have been thoroughly disappointed. I watched the movie for the spectacle, and I educated myself about the scientific stuff after.

Overall, I absolutely loved this movie. The references to the first movie took me right back to my childhood, and the theme song made me smack Adam’s arm repeatedly in excitement. The genetically modified beast that was cooked up was really cool, and my favourites (the raptors) were as calculating and chilling as ever. I think Chris Pratt did brilliantly, and he got me to believe he truly had a bond with these creatures.

If you’re a 90s kid who enjoyed the 1993 flick, you should definitely give Jurassic World a watch.

I asked some of our readers for their thoughts on the movie. Check them out below!


10394618_10152556647088409_1042077792510527919_nAdam Jones, USA

It was a lot of fun from the beginning to end. It can’t quite compare to the original, but what movie can? It definitely made up for the blunders that were The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3! To quote Chris Pratt’s line that sums this movie up very nicely, “They’re dinosaurs – wow enough!”

156196_10151999662155400_827086958_nKristine Andersen, New Zealand

I think the movie did justice to the fans and to the franchise. I loved all the references to the first movie. It isn’t as scientific as the first but if you don’t look into it too deeply then it is a very enjoyable movie.

522979_10150700724024642_1849390574_nLindsey Nothstine, USA

Jurassic World did not disappoint. It was as action-packed and funny as the other films in the series. Aside from the nostalgia, my favorite thing about Jurassic World was the relationships – the one between the two brothers and the one between Owen and his raptors. I left the theater wanting to see it again, and I can’t wait for the next film of the series!

1385025_10153387661850648_890852745_nSashen Singh, South Africa

Overall I thought it was really good. Like every Jurassic Park movie, I felt sad knowing that when I step out of that cinema I’m back in the real world where no dinosaurs exist. I was skeptical about the movie at first, seeing a guy actually talking to raptors which I thought was absurd, but in the context of the movie it made a bit of sense. `

 What did you think of Jurassic World?

Featured image: Pixabay

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