Dear Pa

 Thank you…

…for watching Gummi Bears with me all those early mornings. To this day, whenever you say, “Yes, Your Dukeliness” with that exaggerated lisp, I get so very nostalgic!

Graduation, April 2012 Pic by: Nirvani Timmal
Graduation, April 2012
Pic by: Nirvani Timmal

 …for the tough love. Remember that time I called you from Rhodes, bawling? Let me narrow that down, since I am sure that was a frequent occurrence, me being such a crybaby. That Guy I Dated While Young And Stupid had broken up with me about two months before, and I was on his Facebook and something I saw there just sent me off into an emotional tailspin. Instead of coddling me, you yelled. You snapped me out of that ridiculous pity party I’d been throwing week after week. That was a turning point for me. And it would have taken months more if not for your scolding.

 …for giving Rox and me Cane and Appletizer that one time while you were at home during the day. An unlikely combination, but man it led to a fun afternoon! The two “goodest” of goody two-shoes were bums that entire afternoon, sipping on our drink and dancing to Teenage Dirtbag.

 …for the care packages. Sometimes, a Lemon Cream turns a mediocre night into a great one. I would not have these amazing treats from home if not for you patiently buying me whatever I put on my ever-expanding list. Chocolates, moisturiser, hair loss products that would cater to an entire balding country…I could go on! Not to mention chocolate…oh, glorious Cadbury’s!

 …for giving me your chicken roti roll from Gorima’s, after I had insisted I was not hungry and refused one of my own. Turns out, I am indeed always hungry. Especially when roti is involved.

 …for being my dad. You and I are proof that blood has absolutely nothing to do with family. I am grateful for you and all you have done (and continue to do) for me.

 Love you millions!




Featured image: Div

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