How I learned to Listen to the Universe

Landi G. Photography
Photo credit: Landi G. Photography

By Kate

This week my dear friend Meg Ross did an intuitive angel card reading for me, and interpreted my immediate past, my present and immediate future. Her insights were unbelievably accurate, to the point where I felt completely bare and vulnerable before her eyes. However, what struck me to my core was her comment, “Perhaps you have sensed you are communicating and receiving guidance from the heavenly realm. Trust this feeling, because it is spot on! Trust your dreams, feelings and intuition. Only by listening and believing yourself to be divinely-guided will you come into full fruition of your gifts and yourquotescover-JPG-64 love.”

I have always had a very strong intuition, and those who know me will tell you that “my feelings” are almost always dead-right; yet I never used to trust myself to act on them because I was afraid.

So many of us let fear dominate our lives, control our decisions and make us shortsighted. We make plans and provisions for only what we think is practical, for what we think is likely to happen, and at times, for what we so desperately wish will happen. And so we ignore the tugs from our insides that nudge us to take the path that doesn’t make the most sense, or to abandon a relationship that you are happy in but know won’t work out, we choose not to trust ourselves.

I think that each of us are given a set of challenges that we need to overcome in our lives, and only once we have understood and learned from the lesson are we able move onto a higher state of being (with a new set of challenges). However until we recognize and learn the lesson, life will continue to give us the same kind of challenge, just disguised by different circumstances.

You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end where you are meant to be.

~ unknown

As I said above I have always had a strong intuition but have always been afraid of listening to it (because generally my intuition was telling me to do something that would cause me discomfort or pain). I often found myself looking back at a particular point in time where I had known, but instead chose to ignore the warnings, and because of that, every single time I found myself in an even bigger, nastier mess.

The Universe gave me my final lesson in, “Listening to my Intuition”, just before my mom was diagnosed with stupid cancer. Her and my dad were living and working in Nigeria at the time while I was at home in South Africa. It was the last time she called me.

She told me that she had been sick but I was not to worry because it was a chest infection that was common for women in their 50s . She told me that she wanted to come home for her birthday so she could spend it with me; but I said to her that I had already agreed to go up to Zimbabwe to be with my boyfriend at the time for his birthday. I remember her being upset with me, and I felt frustrated she hadn’t asked me sooner. We said our goodbyes.

I knew that something wasn’t right though. I had this sinking feeling that something was terribly wrong, and that I should cancel my trip to Zimbabwe. I sobbed out of fear and messaged my dad, who was traveling somewhere in Africa at the time, he however, reassured me that she was fine and would see a doctor as soon as she got home.

It still didn’t feel right, but I reluctantly went to Zimbabwe nevertheless. A week into my stay, the day after my mom’s birthday, I found out that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had been given six months to live (which turned out to be only three).

My guilt and heartbreak were poignant reminders that I had been given an opportunity by the Universe to spend my mom’s last birthday with her and to support her when she received the devastating news, but I had chosen to ignore my intuition.

It took me a lot of reflection and forgiveness to understand the lesson behind that story. Finally I understood that I needed to listen to my inner-self to get where I am meant to be. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, I still find it really hard (especially because I am the most indecisive person on this planet), and I still don’t always get it right. I find that when I feel unbalanced it’s harder for me to look beyond my fears and hopes, and listen to my instincts, I get muddled and sometimes make the wrong decision, which is okay, because I always end up back on the path that I’m supposed to be on, with just a couple more bruises than needs be.

How we can listen to the Universe

Landi. G photography
Photo credit: Landi. G photography

1. Pay attention to the people in our lives

Who is in our lives and what is their purpose? What lessons are they teaching us, and what are we teaching them? The negative influences are also there to teach us something, find out what it is, learn and let them go. Embrace the positive forces in our lives, for they remind us we are on the right track.

2. Identify any recurring challenges

Is there a problem that keeps cropping up? We need to look at how we approach those problems and understand where the problem is coming from. We may be on the wrong track and need to make a U-turn, or start accepting responsibility for something. We need to look at the challenge from every possible angle and then ask ourselves, “how can I learn from this?”

3. Pay attention to our bodies

Pay attention to how our bodies feel in different circumstances. Often a physical symptom is linked to an emotional state. We have to learn to recognize our intuitive physical triggers and let them guide our decisions.

4. Disconnect and reconnect

There is so much going on in our lives and we are continuously bombarded by stuff. We need to take a few minutes each day to reconnect with nature so we can clear our minds, find balance, remember what is important to us; why we are on this journey and where we are going.

A special thank-you to Lundi Groenewald from Landi.G Photography for sharing her beautiful pics with us. Follow her on instagram @organictales to see more of her work.


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  1. I can relate to this completely. I am a pretty indecisive person too. Thank you.


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