That time in Paris…

By Div

Truly spectacular, and impossible to really capture on camera.  Taken by: Divania Timmal
Taken by: Divania Timmal

I visited the city at the end of 2012, during my winter vacation in Korea. I was really excited because I would be seeing my family for the first time in seven months, AND I was going to the City of Love and Lights.

To be honest, though, I was a bit disappointed. Paris is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. The Eiffel Tower was definitely a sight to behold, and I could have spent days wandering around the Louvre.

But would I return? No. Pretty as it is, the city didn’t really touch anything in me. That sounds weird, I know. But I can say with certainty that South Korea has a special place in my heart. Lobitos, Peru, will always hold fond memories. New Zealand was full of friends, and of course, Hobbiton. Paris…I can’t put my finger on a single thing that makes me smile.

My favourite part was, without a doubt, Fragonard Parfumeur. My friend, Karina, had asked me to buy her a specific perfume that she wanted to wear on her wedding day. And so off I went with my mum, dad and brother, determined to find this shop and not let her down.

The most incredible museum I have ever been to. Taken by: Nirvani Timmal
The most incredible museum I have ever been to.
Taken by: Nirvani Timmal

The interior was just divine. And the smell…I could easily have pitched a tent and never left. We spent ages in there. I quickly found Karina’s perfume and then took my time finding a fragrance I liked, too. Paris was WAY too expensive for me to do much shopping, but I have a major weakness for perfumes.

A lot of our time in Paris was spent window-shopping, and being awestruck at the crazy prices of even the simplest things. We once paid five Euros for a bottle of water! It almost hurt to drink it.

I was quite happy to get on the plane to sunny, summery South Africa after a mere 4 days in Paris. Give me humidity and load-shedding over bitter cold and jackets, any day!

Featured image: Div


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  1. Visiting Paris with the love of my life- starry eyes and and a sunset climb up the Eiffel Tower. Paris sound exciting-wandering aimlessly through the boulevards and it’s cobblestones streets. For SA’s the visit to Paris or Europe will always be expensive. Exploring with the right companion is what makes it all exciting.


  2. Travelling as a South African is always tricky, there really are few places like home. x


  3. I’m planning to visit Paris for my 40th so thanks again for the lovely write up. Guess I have lots to save in 2yrs to enjoy the shopping there:-)


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